Wilderness Therapy


4 days 2019


Contact making seminar

Role of Élményakadémia:


Coordinator organization:

OB Slovakia

Participating countries:

Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary

Target group:

Employees, trainers, volunteers of our organization_experienced in outdoor experiential education and wilderness (adventure) therapy.

Project introduction

Wilderness Therapy – exchange good practices in wilderness and adventure therapy and outdoor experiential education Wilderness therapy opportunities will be a specific Contact making seminar for NGOs and experts who are already experienced in outdoor experiental education and wilderness (adventure) therapy. It will be fully funded by EU grant Erasmus+. The seminar would create a network and learning opportunity for youth workers and therapists from different European countries. It will increase awareness of wilderness therapy (WT) and how it can be implemented in your programs. This seminar will create space and environment for supporting personal development and empowerment of future projects’ cooperation and prepare a common team of experts to be able to cooperate among the partners’ countries. It will give opportunity for WT experts to be involved with new organization and projects and on other hand it will make able NGOs to enter new field of specific therapeutic work.

Contact seminar is not a training, main focus is to get to know each other, networking, presenting our strengths and opportunities to cooperate in new field of work.