Seminar 14.09.2017-18.09.2017


KA2 Training, seminar

Role of Élményakadémia:


Coordinator organization:


Participating countries:

training: Portugal, Italy, Serbia, UK, Hungary, Spain
seminar: Portugal, Italy, Serbia, UK, Hungary, Spain, Holland, Canada, Germany, Morocco

Target group:

Adult educators

Project introduction

T-ART – TART is a project of exchange of good Practices and aimed also to improve quality of adult educators that use art expression for self-development & community well-being & create a network to develop future projects.

T-ART Seminar – aimed to enlarge the European network and improve the performance of adult educators that use art expression as a tool for self development towards community well being. Inspirational speeches, talk with experts, round tables, experiential workshops, exchange of good practices, guided ethnographic study visit, planetary dance and other community interaction activities, open space technique for developing new projects and much more, all under non-formal education perspectives, values and practices.