Out of the box


5-16 April 2014.


Training Course

Role of Élményakadémia:


Coordinator organization:

Servus Salutis

Participating countries:

Target group:

Age limit: 24+ a trainer / social worker / youth worker

Project introduction

Think and act out of the box – this is the main aim of our next training what is dealing with difficulties in communication and conflict management. The 10 days long outdoor training is designed for trainers, social and youth workers to help them in their daily routine during working with disadvantaged groups to get new understandings and insights about conflict management. Out of the box will provide many experiential educational self and group experiences what would help to get better understanding in the theme and it will introduce possible tools to handle communicational difficulties. The training not just would extend knowledge of participants, but offer space for practical and methodical presentations, active practice, creating own projects, exchange ideas, views and experiences in order to make them even more effective within their own community. Innovative element of the training is that in the 3 part 20 underprivileged youngsters are coming to have their 2 days long adventure camp, so the participants will have the opportunity to implement their fresh experiences immediately into practice. AIMS • Gain knowledge about experiential education used in the field of disadvantaged groups and conflict management; • Gain experience how to handle challenging situations during outdoor trainings; Learn about yourself • Gain experience in dealing with disadvantaged groups and in their difficulties in communication and social inclusion • Share experiences related to difficulties of disadvantaged groups • Develop your own project implemented to your local area • Contact making, sharing experiences, views, practices Tools are: Experiential education, ropes activities, theoretical lectures and practical education, workshops and self experience, non-violent communication, project management. Themes are: • Communication skills • Conflict management • Planning and running of complex outdoor activities/programs • How to use experiential education • Self knowledge – self understanding • Planning own project can be implement locally • How to deal with disadvantaged groups and their difficulties in communication and social inclusion • Social inclusion and equality