Out of Spiral


10 days in 2019


Youth Exchange

Role of Élményakadémia:


Coordinator organization:


Participating countries:

Spain, Latvia, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, Greece

Target group:

youth with addictions, youngsters with geographical disadvantages who are having fewer opportunities due to the underdeveloped infrastructure, cultural life and social welfare

Project introduction

Out of Spiral is a Youth Exchange focused on 30 youngsters (18 – 24) who face

the danger of exposure to the drugs and alcohol and subsequently addiction.

It will encourage their sense of initiative and social entrepreneurship with focus on work with themselves and their local community.

Coping with stress, finding friends or rebelling against authority, these are the most

common problems how youngsters are getting associated with alcohol or drugs. Especially when they don’t see other escape route, they are running towards the “paradise” of addictive stupor and entering the sliding spiral leading to addiction. They are trapped in a world which seems to be full of insurmountable obstacles with only possible escape: numbness.

We want to take the one who found themselves trapped in a word without options and tear them out of their everyday routine to show them world full of possibilities and encourage them to create life they will be happy to live.