Open your doors II


1st of August 2011 – 10th of August 2011


Training for trainers program

Role of Élményakadémia:


Coordinator organization:


Participating countries:

Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia

Target group:

outdoor instructor, indoor trainer, social worker, youth worker, working with groups of different age and target

Project introduction

The general aim of the program has 2 dimensions:
1. To help socially unprivileged youth people to get integrated into the society with improved social skills.
2. To further develop your trainer skills, through mentoring, immediate practice and constructive feedbacks.
The fundamental new element in this program is that this time we/you will work with our new partners: orphanages and children’s homes from 4 different countries. About 20 children between the age of 12-18 years will come from these institutions. Some of the kids are difficult to handle, some are super vital and fun, and all of them are unique and hungry for your love.
Imagine 20 lovely kids full of vitality, waiting for you to get immersed into fun, laughter, joy, challenges, tears, while learning and evolving together with you, through your contribution.