Make yourself useful!


20/09/2010 – 28/09/2010


Youth Exchange (Youth in Action 1.1)

Role of Élményakadémia:


Coordinator organization:


Participating countries:

Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary

Target group:

youth aged 16-25 especially with fewer opportunities plus group leaders

Project introduction

About MAKE YOURSELF USEFUL! Helping to increase the social participation is not only an important EU objective but also a social and personal interest, since it gives great advantages for all affected. In case of active, volunteering young people the worksocializing progress starts sooner, they could get lots of contacts, advantages and experiences. Through a nonformal education they get skills and abilities as well as actual knowledge. Besides being useful for their environment and their society, their latter employers would also profit from their voluntary experiences. Aim: to strengthen the feeling of social responsibility and participation through recognition and popularization of voluntary work. Our objective is that during the programs the participants discover their own importance and usefulness in society and their environment, also they could come to know the joys and possibilities of volunteering and feel what kind of positive experiences and knowledge they could get during voluntary work. We would like to give them tools and best practices so that after returning home they would start to live actively in their environment. The project uses the tools of experiential education, by actively involving the participants it creates such situations which are good to sense these positive affects and get their own experience. Another important element of our project is that through getting to know each others’ culture the participants would become more open-minded, increase the acceptance of differences and one another and reduce exclusion. 2011 is the Year of Volunteering, so we feel especially important to address and motivate young people.