I am OK You are OK


April 4th – 13th, 2013.


Training course

Role of Élményakadémia:


Coordinator organization:


Participating countries:

Czech Republic, Croatia, Portugal, Turkey , Slovakia, Romania and Hungary

Target group:

Project introduction

10 day personal development, communication and project management skills training for a mixed group of 28 young adults coming from less opportunity background (orphanage, minorities) and half of them from normal families and social background.

The goal of the training is to enhance mutual acceptance and appreciation among young people from diverse social background and countries; increase their self-esteem, consciousness about their own resources, skills and opportunities; encourage and provide them with skills and tools for taking own responsibility and for initiating cooperations in their lives for accomplishing their own project ideas and vision.

We provide participants with practical tools and skills of communication, listening that they can use to establish clear and reciprocal and OK-OK connections within each-other and in their lives – also with themselves. As well we want to ensure opportunity for visioning, and creation with basic tools of project management (organizing, planning, visioning) that can be useful when starting to realize their own plans and intentions in and after the training.

By the end of the training we aim that each participants have a positive picture of themselves, have tools and perspectives for this, increased self-esteem, experience about effective cooperation among a diverse group, and an own plan of a “project”, and a vision back home, what he/she wants to accomplish