17-26 January 2019


Training course

Role of Élményakadémia:


Coordinator organization:

OB Romania

Participating countries:

Hungary, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Italy, Romania

Target group:

Youth workers

Project introduction

Outdoor hard skills and soft skills working with youngster at risk.

Our goal was to develop 18 youth workers on personal and professional level in an international environment, during a 10 days course, offering them the possibility to grow their soft and hard skills, their competences and theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of disadvantaged youth work.

Specific objectives of the project are:

  • to grow their soft and hard skills
  • to learn new activities and best practices from each other which can be used with youth groups
  • developing communication skills: conquer behavioral style via DISC, learn about the non violent communication (NVC), practicing it on our example experiences from the past
  • increasing the level of theoretical and practical knowledge about work with disadvantaged youth

The elements of the program: get to know each other activities, team building activities, reflection groups, 3 day snowshoe expedition in Gurghiului Mountains, meta-debriefing, open space, closing


In the period February-April in all 6 partner countries the participants of the training organized one or more local projects in each partner country for disadvantaged youngsters.

Because the winter expedition had a very deep effect on the participants and they realized how big the developing effect of an expedition on the participants is, in many countries they organized an expedition for different aged youngsters, but also team building programs.