Taking care of ourselves will only help us to take better care of others.

HEARTLAND aims to address youth workers, adult educators and other helping professionals with high risk of burnout to develop their competences through creativity and art embedded into the activities and the intellectual outputs of the 24 month collaboration.

Skills development ensured in many ways:

These resources are meant to serve and develop expression through arts skills and digital competences and beyond that, a set of resilience-skills essential to tackle burn out. By which our target groups are addressed due to their high stress workplaces or due to the current 2nd wave pandemic: lockdown in social institutions and the crisis in hospitals.

HEARTLAND 2020-1-HU01-KA227-ADU-094067 is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.



Outward Bound Romania

Centrs MARTA

Lugar Específico

Why is resilience important?

The phenomenon of burnout within helping professions – including educators – has been known since the 1970s, and by now a solid research and practical intervention basis exists
linked to it. However, burnout continues to be a severe issue until today.
Also experiencing the covid pandemic outbreak in spring 2020 and its effects on people in general but especially on health- and social care workers. They are trained to help others with their challenges but this time they are facing their own challenges too.
Helping professionals may suffer from increased stress not only sourcing from their extreme work during the current pandemic but due to the general side effects of the crisis: financial struggles and family duties – homeschooling, taking care of elderlies.
It is crucial that these helping professionals create necessary time to reflect and build resilience in order to ground themselves well and experience growth out of what is happening.
When we are able to care for ourselves, we are stronger, more resilient. If there was ever a time for social workers to prioritize their own mental health in addition to that of the others, that time is now. Taking care of themselves will only help them to take better care of others.

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Badgecraft Ireland Limited, Ireland

Centrs Marta – Latvia

Lugar Específico – Portugal

Outward Bound Romania (RO)

Élményakadémia – Hungary, project coordinator


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