YOUTH+ for social inclusion: development of youth workers for long-term engagement of self-governed groups of youth with fewer opportunities to carry out own initiatives

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YOUTH+ is a step toward destroying prejudices, negative believes and establishes successful inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities.

It is an Erasmus+ KA2 strategic partnership project that aims to equip youth workers to engage the most vulnerable youth with fewer opportunities to be involved in long-term non-formal learning activities. As a result, youngsters at risk form their own self-managed groups – the so called “YOUTH+ GROUPS” (with extended mentoring and facilitation support) and initiate local projects and run their own ideas and manifest them into activities.

What are the challenges of YOUTH+?

Related to the targeted youth (youth with fewer opportunities coming from poverty, traumatized family background, foster homes, segregation; or with low level of education, NEET youth, migrants)…

…to tackle:
…to improve by volunteering and competence development:
Related to the targeted youth workers:

… by a blended learning process we


By the end of the YOUTH + project…

Teams of young people having fewer opportunities will be set up in 4 countries. These teams are the so called YOUTH+ groups.

We create an online course for professionals working with young people that is free and accessible from anywhere and at any time.
Course participants will learn about the From Us to You (FUY) method of Élményakadémia and will be able to facilitate a special learning process where a community of disadvantaged young people volunteers to help others while they themselves become contemporary role models and learn a great deal about themselves and the world. These young people are the founders of future local YOUTH+ groups across Europe.

We have a long-term plan. We collect what YOUTH+ groups need to survive and how organizations and individuals can support their existence and operation.

Elements of YOUTH+
YOUTH+ implementation period:

November 2021- February 2024

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