It's Experience Time!

What is your first camp memory from your childhood?

Academy of Experience turned 15 this year and we dreamed up a camp for our birthday, where children living in deep poverty and orphanages can play, laugh and be friends together.
We think it is BASIC that every child deserves a week of carefree childhood!

Do you agree? Then support us to make this camp come true.

What is BASE!Camp?

It’s a safe island where 30 children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds can play together carelessly for a week. Everyday life can carry a lot of obstacles for them, existential difficulties, school failures or the absence of family members.

Our aim with the BASE!Camp is to give something back to these children and young people of what they have lost in their childhood.

BASE!Camp comes to life from Community Funding and the voluntary work of 16 professionals of the Academy of Experience.

BASE!CAMP is the place

To make this come true we give the collected knowledge, skills, and experience of 15 years and our volunteer work.
We ask you to support BASE!CAMP through fundraising!

What happens in the BASE!camp?

Why is BASE!Camp important?

In 2019, 23000 children were living in the foster care system in Hungary (according to the data of CSO) and we can hardly estimate the number of children who are growing up in segregation or in deep poverty.

It’s BASIC that the well-being of children who live in difficult situations is a common interest of all of us and we believe that everyone can do something for them in one way or another. By helping them we are also making the world a better place for all of us!

Just as every little drop in the sea counts, every small deed is also valuable. Nothing proves this more than Lia’s story (18 years old) :

“We’ve met Lia a long time ago at the Rákospalota Girls Institute. She participated in all of our programs and helping conversations. She really wanted to succeed in life after the institute, but there were always big questions for her: What will happen when she gets out again? How will she be able to manage life alone? How will she be able to say no to her friends when they offer her drugs again? Then the day of freedom came and Lia disappeared without a trace. We tried to find and contact her repeatedly, but failed. Then one day someone called to Gigi, one of our trainers, on the street. It was Lia. She said that if she thinks back to the conversations at Rákospalota, she can remember the sentences that were said there. These sentences helped her out in situations when she could say no to drugs or to participating in crimes.”

Help us to help more children get attention, a reassuring smile, and help us deliver these sentences to them at BASE!CAMP

Thank you that with your support we can help children from difficult situations!

If you would like to help BASE!camp as a corporate sponsor contact us at



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