Beyond Fear

Tools for Dialogue and Inclusion of Migrants in Europe

What is Beyond Fear?

Beyond Fear Eramus+ KA1 is a 10-day training course in Hungary for 28 youth and social workers working with refugees from 10 countries. A training course and exchange of methods on how to promote constructive dialogue between migrant and local communities, and help the process of inclusion, may it be temporary or long-term.

What are the goals?
Methods of Beyond Fear:

2019. autumn

participants from EU the and neighboring countries
young migrants
youngsters playing a leading role within their peer group
Kinek szól?

Mindenkinek, akit a téma érdekel és érint, de legfőképp az Európa-szerte segítő szakmában tevékenykedő szakembereknek és a mögöttük álló intézményeket célozzuk megszólítani.


Beyond Fear e-book

As the result of the project we created an e-book in which you can find ideas about how you can work with young migrants.