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To become a conscious and synergistic team
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Together for social inclusion
There is more in you than you think
(Kurt Kahn)
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academy of experience

Who are we?

The ÉLMÉNYAKADÉMIA (Academy of Experience) public benefit association was founded at the end of 2005 by 12 volunteers, who dedicated their future to the development of individuals by non formal education.
They have experienced firsthand the beneficial effects of this special experiential learning method and decided to help other to discover that they have more in them then they believe.

Our main method is the experiential learning that we alloy with other techniques like coaching, solution focus, dance and movement therapy, theme-centered interaction (TCI), integrated expression and dance therapy.
Our trainers create situations which remove participants from everyday life and comfort zone. Through the carefully designed tasks, they assist them to recognize problems or flaws and arrive at the right conclusion. During the closing part of trainings, participants will discover possibilities to utilize the gained knowledge in their everyday life.

Our work is characterized by holistic approach (the unity of body, soul and spirit). The mission of Élményakadémia is to inspire, empower and to assist all our participants. Besides our commitment and enthusiasm, we continuously develop our skills and learn something every day. Many of our trainers are qualified psychologists, economists, social workers and teachers.

Most of our highly skilled, colourful crew became a trainer at the trainer courses of Outward Bound Romania. Besides the methodology of experiential learning and coaching, they all completed water rescue, EFR, low/high-rope courses as well as technical exams before leading groups by themselves. They are experienced instructors in the fields of water sports, mountain -rock climbing, trekking and movement/dance therapy.