Donate your birthday

Celebrate your birthday with your own charity campaign and support the young people who start them life with disadvantaged background and let them reach their goals.

This year The Experience Academy is celebrating its 15th birthday!
On this occasion, we also invite you to celebrate with us and launch a birthday fundraising campaign.


Instead of a gift, ask your friends to support Academy of Experience so we can help even more young people living in orphanages, deep poverty or segregation through our experiential education programs.

Here’s how:

  1. Set a goal!
  2. Register and we will create your own fundraising page.
  3. Share the link of your page with your friends and ask them to support Academy of Experience instead of buying a gift!
  4. Have a fantastic birthday party online – and hopefully soon offline – and celebrate that you and your friends are doing something great for a good cause!

For advice about how to launch the campaign, or if you have any questions about fundraising, write to us at and we will contact you.

We are infinitely proud of You and thank you for sharing an important day of your life with us and the many disadvantaged young people we work with!

Start your own campaign

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Tarján Magdolna

11 000Ft of 100 000Ft raised
Kampány vége: 2022. February 18.

Dupla szülinap

Tóth-Dénes Judit

19 000Ft of 100 000Ft raised
Kampány vége: 2021. July 16.

Egy tubus fogkrém árát kérem szülinapomra! 🙂

Szűcs-Trömbőczki Katalin

55 000Ft of 50 000Ft raised
Kampány vége: 2021. July 14.

"Örömöm sokszorozódjék a te örömödben." - (legalább) 44 ember kerestetik

Angyal Ágnes

38 000Ft of 88 000Ft raised
Kampány vége: 2021. May 25.

A Főnök megint táboroztat

Ősi-Vadász Huszár

30 000Ft of 99 999Ft raised
Kampány vége: 2021. April 24.

Közösségek, ahol lehet gyógyulni

Zsuzska és Zoli

24 500Ft of 200 000Ft raised
Kampány vége: 2021. April 1.