7th October is World Day for Children in Care

Sometimes it’s challenging to make a wise decision, for example, or to cope with disappointment or failure – I feel overwhelmed by bad feelings, I feel I can’t meet the challenges I face. Moreover, I’m an adult now and my brain is supposed to be ready to cope with my emotional upheavals. Children’s brains are not yet able to do this.

BASE!Camp: Why do we do it?

children's rights

In order to become a healthy adult and develop the self-control necessary for social integration, a child must be able to safely experience independence, competence, playfulness, and spontaneity. Freedom to express one’s emotions, while being loved, cared for, touched, and trusted.

Essence Plus experience

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Essence+ is an Erasmus+ KA1 project which aims to bring together and share the essence of the experiences and good practices of the Academy of Experience over the last 16 years.  It is a personal and professional development opportunity for the youth workers involved in the project. Maja’s experience with the Essence+ course: About the course: Intense, […]


It is one of the two Erasmus+ KA1 projects of the Academy of Experience, focusing on well-being and mental health. We offer tools and exercises based on outdoor experiential education and artistic self-expression for development support professionals.

Parenting by connection – The “eureka” moment

Hand in Hand parentingQuality youth work by connection, listening There’s a lot of talk in the association lately about quality youth work through connection. So we decided to write a few lines about how this came about and why it is important for us.  WE SHOULD START WITH THE MOST IMPORTANT LESSON: YOU DON’T HAVE […]