Letter form the organisers:

Hi – Together into the Jungle people!!

1. Venue and time for Exchange stays as wrote before:
– Latvia – 20. 29.08.
Here is the amount of money that we planned for your trip:
Country 100 % 70%
Slovenia 270 190
Italy 230 160
Hungary 280 196
Romania 200 140

So it means you as a leader and 5 youngsters buy tickets and after the exchange we will give back the reimbursement of 70 % back (if the amount of one tickets goes into 100 %). I really hope there will be no problem to find cheap tickets.

2. There is no fee for the exchange. Accommodation and food will be covered. As it is all about outdoors and adventure it will be in countryside. It is planned to stay outdoors some nights so sleeping matraces and bags will be needed.

what should be the results of this project?
The not touchable results are:
= exchange of different outdoor methods, ways how people go in outdoors in different countries.
= awareness and experience about leadership skills in adventure and outdoor programs.
= more knowledge and experience in adventure and outdoor education to work with it also in future.
Touchable result:
= during the exchange we will let youngsters to enjoy and realise how much can personality grow through outdoor and adventure activites, to realise it strengtens and effectiveness. In the last days of exchange each country will plan an adventure or outdoor day for it s local youngsters where they will make a program for them and share what they got in exchange. For every country there are 500 euros to realise these programs.

The organizers:

Hungary still has few places, so contact us if you are interrested in this program.