Open your doors I.

(07.10.2010 – 16.10.2010)

Poverty and social exclusion is an instant problem in Europe. People can be excluded by the reason of social background, economical situation, learning difficulties, religion, race etc. We would like to take part in prevention of above mentioned problems in giving an opportunity to trainers and youth workers to gain and exchange best practicies and develop their knowldge at the field of outdoor experiential learning. Experiential learning is a tool for approaching youngsters and develop their social skills.

Aim of the program: To establish in Europe a more effective, sustainable non-formal education based training system that has a flowing over effect in order to let the social unpriviledged youth integrated and trained into active European citizen, to prevent segregation, poverty and unemployment.

The participating trainers, youth workers are dealing with social disadvantaged groups, acquire a non-formal self- and community building method, thus being able to develop the social competencies of minorities and underpriviledged groups, helping them to integrate into the society.The 34 trainers, youth workers aged between 20 –35 coming from Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Spain, Poland, Germany, Latvia and Hungary took part on a 10 day experiential education course between 07.10.2010 — 16.10.2010 at Galyatető, Hungary.

Throughout the program participants experienced first-hand what it feels like to develop into a dynamic, highly functioning, self-aware team. During the final days of the program, participants planed, run and evaluated their own activities while received feedback from the group and their advanced trainers.