Dance & Movement Training
DATE: 21st September to 30th September, 2015

PLACE: Kisterenye, Hungary

Participating countries: Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Turkey

Main themes of “Beyond the Stage!” training course:
my power – creativity, joy – partnership, group leading

Training tools:
improvisation techniques (dance&movement, expression)
group leading skills
new tools for youth work
supervision of real cases


Developing social sensitivity of underprivileged youth and youth workers amongst difficult situations Helping them develop their social and cognitive competencies Involving youth with different social background makes it possible to understand the concept of integration and realize the channels for knowledge sharing

If you feel interested in any of the above topics please join us to learn about how to be more confident and joyful despite all the complexity you meet in your youth work!



Age limit: 18+

● You have 2 years work experience as a trainer / social worker / youth worker;

● You’d like to know more about the topics listed in planned themes;

● You are open to share your experience and meet others interested in this topic;

● You like challenges and can participate during the whole training.

● You are eager to try to gained knowledge right on the course – group leading with disadavantaged kids

● You speak English at least on basic level;

Youth workers, social workers, psychologists who are working with groups of socially unprivileged youth and aim to get new group leading tools and approach in their life and in their work.



Erika Schmidt – trainer – music pedagogy
Gabriel Halmos – trainer – Integrated dance and movement therapy, psychologist
Judy Szamosi – professional dancer, choreographer
Zsuzska Juhász – trainer, general manager of Élményakadémia


Additional details

Date: 21st September to 30th September 2015 (excluding travel days)
arrival day: 20th of September
1st day of the TC: 21st of September
last day of the TC: 20th of September
departure day: 1st of October
Place: Három Kincs Völgye, Kisterenye Hungary

Participants: 30 people from Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Turkey

Costs: The project is funded by the Erasmus+ program, together covering 100% of all travel fees according to the distance band calculator, as well as all food and accommodation.

There is a participation fee of 50 EUR for all countries.

In case of participants coming from less opportunity background and / or unemployed, and the participation fee would be the bottleneck of your participation – please indicate this in your application form. For a limited nr. of participants we can give discount on this.

Participants will only need to pay their travel insurance and the participation fee.


How to apply:

1. Fill in the attached Application Form! (You can find it HERE)
2. Send it by email to by 20th August 2015 the latest!

A selection will be made by 25th of August 2015.


You can then proceed to buy your travel tickets to Kisterenye, Hungary according to the Conditions of the
Reimbursement. Please read it carefully.
We can only give you back the money if you bring all the invoices and tickets and they have the right data!


● In the EU grant we will receive a certain amount of money for this purpose, which we are not allowed to exceed.
● Amounts given are for return tickets between your place of living and Kisterenye.
● We reimburse public transport tickets from Budapest or from cities where you change transportation only if they fit into your limit and you bring the invoices of them as well.
● Erasmus+ program recommend to use the cheapest and shortest transport available! Thank you


Conditions of reimbursement

By law and the funding rules of the Erasmus+ Program we need to follow certain administrative procedures. We
are asking for your support and cooperation in keeping these rules. Please make sure that you read and
understand the conditions and the procedure.

Conditions of reimbursement:
● Only if you participate in the whole program you get the reimbursement.
● Save your original tickets and receipts, invoices and all related documents, because you can only get reimbursement for costs of which you can prove the amounts with original tickets and receipts. Only the amount written on the ticket will be reimbursed – that is, if you want your return ticket to be reimbursed, you have to give it to us. We cannot reimburse ticket that you buy after the training.

ALL the following ORIGINAL documents will be needed:
● all your tickets and boarding passes
● invoices of buying your tickets described below
● passport or ID – you can help us a lot by sending a scanned
● version of your ID/passport in email in advance


What is an invoice?

This is a document, signed and stamped by the seller. It needs to be for the following address as buyer:

Élményakadémia Közhasznú Egyesület
1082 Budapest
Leonardo Da Vinci str. 44/23.

It must contain:
● Élményakadémia name,
● the departure and arrival location
● the date of the of the journey
● the price of the ticket

Invoices of tickets that you buy in Hungary are called ÁFÁS SZÁMLA (this is how you ask for it – save, print, and use THIS card)


An e-ticket is NOT an invoice! If necessary, call the airline/train company/etc., explain them the situation and ask them to give you a receipt/invoice with the data given above.
If you buy tickets online make sure that you tick the box indicating that you require an invoice, and fill in the address of Élményakadémia where the invoice has to be sent by the airline company.

Reimbursement limits per country:
In the EU grant we will receive a certain amount of money for this purpose, which we are not allowed to exceed.
These amounts are based on the costs our partner organizations told us. Amounts given are for return tickets between your place of living and Bátonyterenye.


Do not use TAXI!


Reimbursement procedure for participants:

1. The amount of the reimbursement will be calculated as follows:
We take the 100% of your travel costs between your hometown and Bátonytereny, only those costs of which you have the tickets and invoices. From this we will calculate your reimbursement according to the distance band calculator.

In case your costs exceed the limits given below, the maximum amount you can get is your allowed limit. Limits are given below. Based on the receipts you give us, we will exchange your costs into euros and from euros to HUF

2. You will check the calculation and sign a document stating that you checked and you accept the amount, the bank account number where it will be transferred and that you agree that the bank costs are covered from it and that you will send us back the original tickets, documents and invoices within 1 week from your arrival home.

3. You will leave with us all the original documents that you don’t need for your journey home. During the training we will make copies of your documents, so that you can still use your ticket for the way home.

4. You send us back all the original documents within 1 week from your arrival home.

5. As soon as we receive all original documents from your country and we finish final financial report (approximately 4 month after the course ends), we send you your reimbursement by bank transfer. For the bank transfers we need these data from 1 person per country: bank account number, IBAN number, account owner name, bank name and address, SWIFT/BIC code.


● The training will take place in Kisterenye, Három Kincs Völgye
● In the accommodation there are 3-4 bed bedrooms
Location on Google Maps
● website: (only in Hungarian, but you can check the photos)


How to get there?

1. Take a flight from your country to Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport (previously Ferihegy) If you come by bus or train, also use METRO!

2. Catch the no. 200E BUS from the airport to the final stop (which is the metro station) and take the BLUE METRO till Deák Ferenc tér! From Deák Ferenc tér you change to the metro line 2 (RED) one and go to Puskás Ferenc Stadion station.

ATTENTION! You have to buy a ticket for the vehicles (price: 350 HUF).

3. At Puskás Ferenc Stadion station go to the ticket office and ask for a ticket to Bátonyterenye-Kisterenye (Ózdi elágazás)!

For travel information visit the following web page:
Plan your travel at Budapest here:


What to bring?
We are asking you to bring certain clothes for your physical safety, personal hygiene of yourself and the other members of the group. Make sure that you have enough clothes for 10 days of intensive program. We will do exercises outside, also sit on the floor during the program room. There is no washing machine at the accommodation – of course you can hand wash. Please note that the weather in September still can be chilly/rainy so make sure to have enough warm cloth with you.
Weather forecast: or

Make sure you bring:
● Comfortable clothes and shoes and clothes that can be even dirty (outdoor activities)
● Long sports trousers and sweater/jumper for physical movement
● Waterproof coat or jacket
● Hat/cap
● Towel and toiletries
● All personal medication
● Some food and drinks and material to introduce your country to the others


About the organizer – Academy of Experience (Hungary):
Academy of Experience public benefit association was founded at the end of 2005 by 12 volunteers who would like to dedicate their future to the non formal education and development of young and adult people. The objective of the organization is to develop the public and personal skills and attitudes of participants by using so called “outdoor activities”, and applying the methodology of experiential education (learning by doing – planning – evaluation). Our organization focuses on increasing the feeling of personal and social responsibilities, sustainable environmental education, helping the development of life-leading skills. Our organization gives the possibility to use the world of experiences as classroom, to discover and develop your hidden resources through real adventures and challenges. More info at:


We are looking forward to meeting you soon in Hungary!
The project has received grant form the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Community.
Information on the Programme is available at