Back to Your Nature

Back to Your Nature –    Call for participants!

Youth exchange for a healthier living.

Exchange dates: August 2nd – 11th, 2012.

Partner countries: Holland, Germany, Slovakia, Croatia, Turkey and Hungary
We invite youngsters coming from broken families or orphanages. Moreover, the exchange is an invitation also for those
who, for financial or social reasons, have never had the opportunity of joining intercultural events organized in a foreign country, so this could be a first – life time experience. This exchange creates a real intercultural experience for the youngsters involved.

Do you have a dream? We do….

Imagine a place in the middle of a beautiful garden…. people live there in peace and harmony, far from any city…just focusing on themselves, the nature and each other…..isn’t it beautiful?

We make it happen!
Goal of the exchange:
The project arises from a common background made of experiential learning, self expression through movements, self awareness, healthy living through yoga
and outdoor activities.
It originates from the deep believing that peace can only be achieved by peaceful beings, that love is the trigger and that simplicity is the way to mutual
support and understanding.
All this has a specific language, called non violent communication, which enhance mutual understanding based on love and compassion.
A switch of attitude is needed: from “what can I have” to “what can I give”. Through selfless service or volunteerism participants will experience the power
of giving time and attention to others, shifting the focus from the personal sphere to the other’s sphere, from I to US.
By experiencing one week of simple, common&healthy living, in connection with nature,  participants will have the chance to reconnect with their inner
selves, their inner energies.
Participants will be fully in charge of parts of the programme, by being responsible for the  household and for the food (always under the guidance of group
leaders) and for the organization of outdoor games.
Cultural diversity will enrich the experience: participants will be invited to exchange their visions on healthy living.

Topics of the exchange: 
–    How to connect back to your natural inner self
–    Connecting to nature – protecting nature
–    Sustainable living
–    Healthy eating – healthy living
–    Self-expression
–    Connection to others
–    Traditional knowledge – natural wisdom

Methods are: 
–    yoga lessons
–    cooking workshops / dietary theory
–    dance workshops
–    adventure education and learning through experience
–    small group discussions and interactive presentations
–    be in the forest, live in the forest
–    voluntary work – doing for others
–    compassionate communication – NVC – workshops
–    handcraft workshops – bread baking, natural cosmetics, herbs

Date: August 2 – 11, 2012 (not including travel days)

Place: Oszkó, Hegypásztor pincék, Hungary –

Participants: 24 young people , plus group leaders from Holland, Slovakia, Germany, Croatia, Turkey and Hungary aged 18+.

Costs: The project is funded by the Youth in Action program, covering 70% of all travel fees, as well as all food and accomodation.
Participants need to pay their travel insurance.

Food: We are going to cook healthy vegetarian dishes made from local products. Milk products will be available.

How to apply: Fill in the application form and send it by email to Brigi! There will be a selection of participants.


To keep the purity of body and mind during the exchange we ask all participants to refrain from smoking and alcohol during the whole duration of the exchange.
We invite you to commit yourself to this. Also we kindly ask you to bring only food for the international night.

If you are selected:
If you are selected for participation by your organization please sign and scan your application form and send the scanned version by email to Brigi
You can then proceed to buy your travel tickets to Oszkó, Hungary according to the Conditions of the reimbursement written in the information letter.

Contact person:
 Brigi Zsigmond (