Back to the Nature


BTN! is a 10-day outdoor programme for 18+ aged youth workers aims to explore outdoor tools – climbing, low-high rope elements – that are used in experiential education. By the end of the project participants will be able to create alone high- and low rope elements and will gain basics about rock-climbing practices. The project will be organized with the participation of 9 partners from following countries: Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Portugal, Latvia, Bulgaria and Italy. Their youth workers will take part on the 10 days course starting from 20.06.2011 till 01.07.2011 in Hungary. The main aim is to get technical knowledge about climbing and building, using highrope-elements, soft skill development about experiential education will take a less highlighted part.

Tools are:
Rock-climbing, high/low ropes activities + building, theoretical and practical education.

Themes are:
• How to use rock climbing and ropes course in experiential education,
• Knots, equipment
• belaying
• safety management
• practice; climbing, abseiling, building rope elements


Age limit: 18+
You are outdoor instructor, youth worker, working with groups of different age and target.
(useful to have top-rope climbing experience but it’s not a requirement)

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