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Experiential Education – Community – Inspiration – Recharge – Professional Development

Mission of the event supported by the Visegrad Fund is to offer non-formal learning for youth at risk, increase stakeholder commitment through conferences, trainings and visibility. Developing youth work at regional level and integrating youth at risk into society; promoting their employability with empowerment. SOURCE is meant to exchange experiences and challenges with partners working on the same field where similar cultural and historical context supports a better understanding.

The need of SOURCE is to increase the competences of youth and social workers in the community centres in using non-formal education methods, particularly experiential learning methods, to be able to create space and environment supporting personal development and empowerment of youth with fewer opportunity in V4 region. There is a wish to learn from each other’s good practices, transfer and adopt methodology from abroad, which is innovative in the context of youth work, in the partnership and in general.

The need of youth at risk in the communities partners working with is, to develop competences that will enable them to communicate better with each others, better perform in education, be able to enter labour market in the future. All this requires increasing their social competences, communication skills, their self-confidence, self-appreciation.

You can download the Methodological Pack from here: Methodological Pack

The specific objectives are

  1. to increase personal capacities of involved organizations in non-formal education methods. Activities to achieve this objective: – Organising a seminar, space for debates on challenges and we introduce tools for self-supportive helping worker communities: solution focus coaching and intervision; -Organising a conference: workshops on exchange of non-formal education methods and best practices in V4 region
  2. to increase the quality of youth work the involved organisations provide, particularly in adopting a new learning programme for youth at risk using volunteering action as a tool. Activities to achieve this objective: Creating a methodology pack (summary of used tools, methods and lessons learned).

Project partners

Élményakadémia Khe. (koordinátor szervezet) – https://www.elmenyakademia.hu

Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav – http://eycb.eu/en/news/


Magyar Máltai Szeretetszolgálat Egyesület – https://www.maltai.hu/

Občiansky Spolok – www.obcianskyspolok.org

Fundacja “Zielony Słoń” – www.greenelephant-foundation.com

Fundacja Europejski Instytut Outsourcingu – http://feio.pl/


The event is supported by the International Visegrad Fund: www.visegradfund.org