The participating trainers, youth workers are dealing with social disadvantaged groups, acquire a non-formal self- and community building method, thus being able to develop the social competencies of minorities and underprivileged groups, helping them to integrate into the society.The 34 trainers, youth workers aged between 20 –35 coming from Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Spain, Poland, Germany, Latvia and Hungary took part on a 10 day experiential education course between 07.10.2010 — 16.10.2010 at Galyatető, Hungary.
Throughout the program participants experienced first-hand what it feels like to develop into a dynamic, highly functioning, self-aware team. During the final days of the program, participants planed, run and evaluated their own activities while received feedback from the group and their advanced trainers.

There are 3 major parts of the Program:
1. Introduction and Input (1-3. days): Participants and trainers arrive, and spend 3 intensive days together with planning the main part, setting personal goals, practicing experiential activities and methods. At this part we will have the opportunity to share with each other best practices, and new innovative ideas. We create a safe learning environment where, everyone can set his/her own level of challenge with an action plan, while being supported by a professional community.
2. Implementation/Main part (4-8. days): After our guest children (20 person) arrive, participants will plan, run and evaluate their own activities, in real life situation while receiving feedback from the group and their advanced trainers.
3. Harvesting (9-10. days): debrief, reflection and further plans.