After I had finished the university – social pedagogy – in 2005, I started to work with people with psychiatric issues, and youth with behavior problems. I’ve realized soon enough, that the skillset and experience, I’ve gained during the formal education of the university wasn’t enough to support my clients and the kids around (individuals and groups as well), to grow, develop as fast as they want, as they needed.

I was searching for a couple of years, trying different methods, when I have found the experiential education – combined with my outdoor skills and passion. And this is how I met Academy of Experience in 2010. I was pretty much impressed by the creativity, how the trainers of the organization combined the different tools, like: experiential education, coaching, non-violent communication, outdoor challenges, art, music etc.

I’ve realized, I want to learn from them, from the trainers, learn from everybody, who do something similar, from the groups and communities, we work with.

At the organization, this is work, and in the same time adventure, traveling – inside and outside, in the world. Experience and learning – in the meaning, how we believe in learning: we just create the opportunity to learn, and the learning just happens – by the will and the state of the participants and the trainers as well.

How do I contribute to the organization? I have about 10 years of experience in the field of youth with fewer opportunities, and my skillset as a social worker, furthermore I bring my passion and experience in the outdoors, and a bit of coaching.